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State electrical license exams are not easy. In fact, in some states, less than one-third of electricians pass the state exam. Snapz Exam Prep steps in to fill the gap where your apprenticeship program leaves off. It provides you with the best online training anywhere to help you pass your state exam the very first time.

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Taking an 80-question, 4-hour exam, you have only 3 minutes
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Our proven, Exam Prep software uses drills and practice tests with authentic real-world questions and material patterned after the actual state testing exams. Use it to practice until you are 100% confident!

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"I am a registered user and ardent admirer of your Electrical Exam Prep program. I recently took and passed the Colorado State Master Electrician Exam and I could not have done it without your program. Although I have been an electrician for the last sixteen years and licensed in another state, I still felt unprepared for this exam until I worked with your program. Not only did I pass the exam with flying colors, I also retained the vast majority of knowledge acquired while studying in Electrical Exam Prep!"

Dave Hoffman
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The number one request our preppers made was to put
SNAPZ Electrical Exam Prep online. Now it is!

  • Available for 2011, 2014, 2017.
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  • You can study anytime, anywhere, on any device and at your own pace.
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  • Practice and you'll discover your test taking strengths and weaknesses.
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  • You'll learn reliable and repeatable techniques for answering question.
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Alex M.

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Our study material are designed to be used the way YOU learn best.

Study Any Way YOU Want To!
You can start with a diagnostic test to identify your weak points, then jump to the exact chapters and quizzes to focus on just the areas in the NEC where you need the most improvement.


Dive right into the practice material starting at Chapter 1 until you have mastered it, and then advance through each remaining Chapter one by one until you have mastered all test material. Then test yourself with the diagnostic test to be sure. When you have mastered our material then you are ready to go!!!

"I had failed the journeyman's exam 3 times [prior to using your software].
I'd go back to the training center they would keep testing me. Never pinpointing anything. I have been able to figure out through your program where my week points are. I will pass it next time."
B. H.
Diagnostic Exams:
Diagnostic exams are timed and graded, and your results are analyzed for areas of improvement. Test questions are randomized each time so you can practice over and over. These exams are just like most real licensing exams... same size, same time, and weighted by Code section to simulate your real-world exam.

Detailed results are given showing your strengths and weaknesses, and leave no doubt where you need to concentrate you study efforts. Retake the test as many times as you want, and get a new set of questions each time.

Study Quizzes:
Study quizzes are presented for each and every chapter of the NEC to drill down on the exact areas where you are weak. You get unlimited time to take tests, hints when you get stuck, and the step-by-step solution to every question. Each chapter has its own separate quiz which you can retake as many times as you want, and get a new set of questions each time.

Build your confidence with clear solutions! You get the solution to each question when you need it the most --immediately as you answer questions You'll learn the reasoning for each and every answer to each and every question explained in detail You'll learn to navigate the code book; from the question key word, to the index, to the section, article and table... right to the exact information you need. Follow calculation questions as they are explained in step-by-step detail.

All tests, quizzes and practice exams draw questions at random from an extensive database of questions. Every time you restart a quiz or exam you get an entirely new set of questions.

Thanks to SNAPZ Software.
"I want to say Thanks you for teaching me to work with the NEC Book. I Pass the Examination for Master Electrician in ICC Kansas, That was difficult to me because my English isn't perfect and the examination you know that is no easy many factors like time, nerves and others go against you, But after fighting and studying both English things and the NEC I learned and pass my Exam. Thanks to SNAPZ Software."
Fernando B. C.

You get step-by-step solutions in complete you know exactly what to do and exactly why to do it.

The reasoning for each and every answer to each and every question is explained to you in excruciating detail, so that you can be certainthat you understand it. Our Exam Prep program goes the extra mile and tells you exactly how to come up with the answer, every time... with no ambiguity and no wasted time.

Here's a typical question you might have on your code exam:

QUESTION: A 300 ampere circuit breaker is supplying a 208/120 volt, 3-phase, 300 ampere sub-panel 450 feet away. The phase conductors have been increased to 350 kcmil copper THHN conductors to compensate for voltage-drop and are enclosed in Rigid Non-Metallic conduit. The correct size for the EGC is _______________.

A. No. 6 copper
B. No. 3 copper
C. No. 4 copper
D. No. 2 copper

Here's the type of "solution" you'll find in most seminars and exam prep books:
See Section 250.122(A)(B), Table 250.122 & Chapter 9, Table 8

Compare that to the step-by-step solution you get with our Exam Prep program:
  1. Since the question is asking you to size the Equipment Grounding Conductor (EGC), go to the index and look under "Equipment Grounding Conductor" and then the sub listing for "Sizing". This refers you to Section 250.122.

  2. Reading Section 250.122 tells you that the EGC is to be sized in accordance with Table 250.122. Looking at the Table you find that normally the EGC would be a No. 4 copper conductor but the question tells you that the phase conductors have been increased in size to compensate for voltage-drop.

  3. Go back to Section 250.122 and this time read the sub paragraph (B). This tells you that if the phase conductors have been increased for any reason the EGC must also be increased proportionately.

  4. To determine how much this increase should be, divide the increased sized conductors by the size of the normally sized conductors, in this case 350,000 cmils by 250,000 cmils. This results in a ratio of 1.4.

  5. Now go to Table 8, Chapter 9 and find the size in circular mils for the normally sized EGC, which is given in Table 250.122 as No. 4 copper. In Table 8 it gives the size of No. 4 copper as 41,740 cmils.

  6. Multiply the 41,740 cmils by the ratio, 1.4, calculated in Step 4, which results in 58,436 cmils.

  7. Again go to Table 8, Chapter 9, to find the conductor size that is equal to or exceeds this calculated figure. No. 3 copper is only 52,620 cmils, not large enough. No. 2 copper has a circular mils area of 66,360, which exceeds the 58,436 cmils required; therefore, No. 2 copper satisfies the requirements for the EGC of this installation.

Which of these two solutions would you prefer?
If you're like most of our exam prepers it's easy to see the benefits of our approach.

I passed the Master electrical exam.
"I just wanted to let you know I passed the Master electrical exam and a lot had to do with your program. What a great help this was ."
Victor S.
Our Powerful Features Make it Easy
  • Specific practice on each chapter/section of the code
  • Diagnostic test
  • Randomized tests drawn from question base
  • Take tests over and over until completely confident
  • Save work and return later
  • Graphical navigation bar -- see all marked, answered, correct, and incorrect questions at a glance. See which questions you have answered and which you haven't, and navigate throughout the entire test easily and quickly
  • You get two chances to answer questions
  • Hints for incorrect answers are included
  • Complete step-by-step explanations for every question

Our Free Bonus Materials Make it Easier
  • Training videos
  • Test taking resources
  • Jeopardy-style memory game:
    Use the fast paced Speed Drill game to become an expert on using the NEC Table Of Contents to skip the index and jump directly to the correct location in the NEC.

Our program is valid in every state and municipality for all testing agencies.
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