With Snapz Online eLearning Exam Prep for 2017 NEC
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Thomas R
Lynchburg, VA

Powerful Features Make it Easy
With Snapz Online eLearning Exam Prep for 2017 NEC
  • Specific practice on each chapter/section of the code
  • Practice only what you need, as much as you need
  • Diagnostic test
  • Randomized tests drawn from question base
  • Take tests over and over until completely confident
  • Save work and return later
  • Graphical navigation bar -- see all marked, answered, correct, and incorrect questions at a glance and navigate throughout the entire test easily and quickly
  • You get two chances to answer questions
  • Hints for incorrect answers are included
  • Complete step-by-step explanations for every question

With Snapz Exam Prep ONLINE for 2017 NEC
  • You get the solution to each question when you need it the most --immediately as you answer questions
  • You'll learn the reasoning for each and every answer to each and
    every question explained in detail
  • You'll learn to navigate the code book; from the question key word, to the index, to the section, article and table... right to the exact information you need
  • Follow calculation questions as they are explained in step-by-step detail

Bonus Materials Get You Supercharged
With Snapz Exam Prep ONLINE for 2017 NEC
  • Training videos
  • Test taking resources
  • Jeopardy-style memory game

Valid in every state and municipality for all Testing Agencies

Snapz online elearning NEC 2017 Test Prep