Offer them Online Exam Prep... Anywhere, Anytime,
on Any Device so they can Prep at Your Own Pace.
State electrical license exams are not easy. In fact, in some states, less than one-third of electricians pass the state exam. Snapz Exam Prep steps in to fill the gap where your apprenticeship program leaves off. It provides them with the best online training anywhere to help them pass their state exam the very first time.

When they can pass our exams, they can pass theirs.

The Snapz NEC training course dovetails with your
classroom instruction
Our course uses a "test-then-teach" approach to learning. First, we ask a question that requires students to use the NEC to either locate or calculate the answer. Then, once they are finished trying each question on their own, we explain in detail the complete reasoning to solve each question.

It's an approach that has a proven track record of success!
  1. You can either assign areas of study, or allow the students to choose their own.
  2. Students can quickly drill down on just the areas that they are struggling with.
  3. Students can work independently.
We cover all NEC
  • definitions
  • reference material
  • calculations
We cover the NEC organization completely:
  • Chapters
  • Sections
  • Tables
  • Fine print notes
We support any
approach to study:
  • Chapter-by-chapter
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Simulated license exams
  • Blitz Quiz

A Cost Effective Addition to Your Training Program
We discount for multiple licenses (see below.)
Don't want to include Snapz NEC training in your classroom? You can give them a discount coupon for the Snapz training course to use on their own computers on their own time. This is a strong value-add for you and your course, and saves your students money too!. And it is completely free to you. (Call us at 800-343-3613 for complete details.)

Snapz Educational Pricing

*One Time Payment

Discount Coupons
  • For student login credentials for Snapz Online NEC Training for classroom computers, tablets or workstations.
  • Works on any device capable of running a modern browser, including PC's, MAC, laptops and tablets.
  • Subscription is valid for the entire code cycle...through June 2020! (Call us at 800-343-3613 for complete details.)