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Introducing the Exam Prep Turbocharger add-in for Snapz© Electrical Exam Prep!

The test material from Mike Holt's industry leading Electrical NEC Exam Preparation textbook has now been converted to work seamlessly in Snapz© Electrical Exam Prep Software.

For a limited time you get Mike Holt's Exam Prep textbook PLUS the Electrical Exam Prep/Exam Prep add-in CD PLUS the industry-leading Snapz Electrical Exam Prep software -- all for one incredibly low price.

Electrical Exam Prep/Exam Prep Turbocharger Textbook & CD for NEC 2014

SNAPZ© Electrical Exam Prep© Exam Prep Turbocharger Textbook & CD for NEC 2014
Save with the Snapz Electrical Exam Prep/Exam Prep Turbocharger Textbook & CD
for NEC 2014!
For a limited time, order the Exam Prep Textbook, Plus Add-in CD and the Snapz Electrical Exam Prep software program together and save an additional $68.

Mike Holt's Exam Prep Textbook ($59.00 Value)
The SNAPZ©- Compatible CD-ROM ($69.00 Value)
SNAPZ© Electrical Exam Prep© ( $129.00 Value)

Total Value $257.00
All for just $189.00
You save $68.00
You Get Mike Holt's Electrical NEC Exam Preparation Textbook
Printed in full color, the 2014 Exam Prep book contains over 500 pages covering Theory, Code, and Calculations in great detail. In fact, here is just a small sample of the subjects covered:
  • and more...
Clear colorful graphics guide you step-by-step through all the material you'll need to pass your exam the first time. This book contains hundreds of illustrations, examples, almost 3,000 practice questions covering all of these subjects including 60 challenge, review and practice quizzes

Plus... you get the Electrical Exam Prep Add-in companion CD
Mike converted all 3,000 practice questions in all 60 practice, review and challenge quizzes from his industry-leading Illustrated Exam Prep Textbook into Snapz compatible format. You get each and every one of these high-powered practice questions on CD in a Snapz-compatible format that is ready to install into your SNAPZ Electrical Exam Prep software program.

Simply import the Exam Prep questions into Snapz Electrical Exam Prep and all 3,000 questions in all 60 Practice, Review and Challenge quizzes are instantly available. Simply select the desired test drop down list and begin using all the power of Electrical Exam Prep to turbo charge your studies.

PLUS... You Get the Snapz Electrical Exam Prep software program
Use Snapz Electrical Exam Prep to prepare for your Master/Journeyman electrician exam and you will pass, the first time … Guaranteed!

Get Your Own Personal Tutor for a NEC© License Exam
Looking for an easy, inexpensive way to study -- and pass -- a National Electrical Code© license exam? Or to keep current on the latest changes to the current code?

Use the proven, industry-leading software, written by electricians for electricians...SNAPZ Master Electrician. This easy-to-use program lets you prepare for a license exam in the comfort of your own home. Just choose a test, select Test or Study mode, and you're ready!

Learn A Reliable Test-Taking Method
The program comes pre-loaded with three complete, 100-question Masters practice exams, and four complete, 80-question Journeyman practice exams that you can take in Test or Study mode. As a bonus you also get two complete, 50-question Electrical Theory exams.
Test Mode:
Tests are timed and graded, and your results are analyzed for areas for improvement. You can print tests and test results for take-away study. Test questions are randomized each time so you can practice over and over.

Study Mode:
In Study mode you get unlimited time to take tests. The program also gives you a hint when you get stuck and shows the step-by-step solution to every question.
See How Easy Learning Can Be!
SNAPZ Electrical Exam Prep is very easy and versatile to use. With a click of the mouse, you can skip a question, advance to the next unanswered question, flag a question for later reference and more. And the easy-to-read on-screen displays tell you at a glance exactly what your current test status is. You can even save your work and return later to exactly where you left off.

We Guarantee You'll Pass
We're so confident that you will pass your code license exam after using SNAPZ Master Electrician that we guarantee it. If you don't pass, we'll refund your money.

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